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Von Ferne und Nähe

It is not easy to explain what defines the character of a story in the way that it has the ring of a faerie tale or a fable to it. A faerie tale does often include the aspect of the fantastic by including magic. Fables carry the burden of values and try to transport lessons which will help to master moral or practical challenges of our daily life.

Kid-e-Tales is open to the fantastic as well as to the quest to teach!

The Dreamflute gives a silent flute into the hands of a small girl and with it the power to bring some magical charm to the adult world by making dolphins dance. It shows that we all share just one world and only look at it through different eyes.

Tashinga’s Heart explains the power of a name and the challenge of destiny as magic paves part of the road on which we all do travel as we grow up. Sometimes we just need a little help when challenged by our fears…

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