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News from: 26.09.2012

Special Offer

Last day!

Later today the prices will be reset to the original values.

News from: 21.09.2012

Children's Day in Germany!

For a short period the prices for stories are reduced by 50 Euro as the Children's Day is celebrated in Germany.

Have a nice Children's Day!


News from: 24.02.2012

Fantasy Short Stories

This is a bit off topic for kid-e-tales in that it is neither about stories for children nor for the YA genre but on the 25th the short story collection...[more]

News from: 18.12.2011

Albert and the Burning Script

As a special promotion the Story "Albert and the Burning Script" will be available on amazon free of charge, starting with the 22nd of December.

News from: 13.11.2011


Starting today we can again offer illustrations to our stories!

News from: 27.10.2011


We are sorry to announce that for the moment we will not be able to take orders for illustrations as our illustrator is for health reasons not able to...[more]

News from: 04.01.2011

Happy New Year!

The minimum word count for all orders received till January 31st will be raised by 300 words.

News from: 13.09.2010

The project Kid-e-Tales is on!

We create unique short stories for your loved ones!

Yours Detlev Linde

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