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Order Stories

Every single story is especially written on order. Quality and the creative process demand time. I try to process orders as fast as possible, with the goal to deliver the result within 4-6 weeks. For urgent cases I provide an accelerated service. After all you can hardly postpone a birthday! This option is not always available. Availability depends on the workload still in queue.

Kid-E-Tales offers you a personal creative service.
The volume of order which can be taken is therefore limited as every story is custom written for you. This limitation is applied to keep a high quality standard. The order function on this page may be disabled if the limit is reached. As soon as the order volume in queue allows the function will be enabled again.

Here is what you get:

  • A short story of at least 600 words.
    Depending on the selected topics it may have the character of a faerie tale or fable but is not limited to such.
  • The story is delivered to you via e-mail as a pdf.
    You may print it out for personal use as often as you want.
  • You may use the option of a single one page illustration with the story.

You find a sample story with this link:The Dreamflute

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